Task A4_01 Reflecting multi-professional collaboration or leadership

In this task, you will use reflective writing for considering multi-professional collaboration or leadership. You will reflect on your own experiences of both challenges and success. You will also be guided to try and take the perspective of another person in that situation, which can be an essential skill in SEA practice. 

Please, try to critically analyse your experience, how it has impacted you and what you plan to do with your new knowledge. 

  • be analytical rather than descriptive
  • ask why rather than just describing what happened during an experience
  • use first person (me, I)

Further guidance on reflective writing can be found here: https://libguides.cam.ac.uk/reflectivepracticetoolkit/reflectivewriting

You can choose to reflect on either a) multi-professional collaboration or b) leadership. Read the task, make your decision and then replace the word 'practice' with your chosen feature.  


  • Drawing on the lecture content write freely and reflect on a separate document 
    • Recall and write about an incident in your past where the practice could be described as functional or successful
        • what aspects of it were functional?
        • what were the frames of action that made it successful? 
        • why these features were functional and others not? 
    • Recall and write about an incident where the practice faced challenges (resolved or unresolved)
      • Consider the incident from another person's perspective: somebody who (in your mind) was responsible for the challenges: what were their motives? What were their values and attitudes at that moment?
      • Consider your own actions: what could you have done differently in order to make the practice functional within your frame of work?
  • Review what you have written 
  • Include a reflection with at least one reference (article /book - SEA library)
  • Condense and edit the process in the text so that it fits within (max) 400 words

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