Task A4_02 Designing your SEA project: evaluation agenda

In the lecture, we discussed SEA project assessment. In this task you will consider, how to carry out an evaluation of the SEA project in a way that would serve the achievement of the project's obectives, the identification and documentation of its impact and your own professional development. 

  • Read Reading for Task A4_02: æffect assessment tools.pdf (source: Resources in the Center for Artistic Activism https://c4aa.org/resources
  • Consider how to collect data and document your SEA project so that you can determine whether your project has done what you wanted it to do and reached who you wanted it to reach
  • Create a framework (max 400 words) for your evaluation agenda from the perspective of How will you know if this happened?
  • Reflect on your own agenda: What are the measurement tools suited for the purpose? What aspects could be additionally considered? Have all audiences been considered? Is documentation /accessibility / diversity relevant from the perspective of the goals of the project? 

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