Consider what stood out to you when talking and observing people. What patterns emerge when you look at the set? If you noticed something interesting ask yourself (and your team) why that might be. In asking why someone had a certain behavior or feeling you are making connections from that person to the larger context.

Synthesize and select a limited set of NEEDS that you think are important to fulfill; you may in fact express just one single salient need to address. Work to express INSIGHTS you developed through the synthesis of the information you have gathered through empathy and research work. Then articulate a point-of-view by combining these three elements – user, need, and insight – as an actionable problem statement that will drive the rest of the artistic intervention work.

A good point-of-view is one that:

  • Provides focus and frames the problem
  • Inspires both the artist and the organization that needs artistic intervention
  • Saves you from the impossible task of developing concepts or actions that are all things to all people




In the following cases, it can be better to use reverse brainstorming instead of traditional brainstorming.

•When people have trouble coming up with good ideas quickly

•When people are stumped on how to solve a problem

•When you want people to let go of their pre-conceived ideas about a topic

•When you want people to step out of their comfort zone and find new ways to problem-solve

Like a traditional brainstorming session, reverse brainstorming typically starts with some sort of problem. Where it differs though, is that you then take that problem and reverse it to focus on the opposite of what you want to do. For example, a problem can be: We need to work better as a team in this project. And the reversed question can be the following: How can we completely fail in working as a team in this project?

From there, you and your team brainstorm ways to solve that reversed problem. Once you have a list of ideas, you then reverse those as well.

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