Description of the process of artistic interventions

The artistic intervention projects can start after a clear understanding of the needs of the partners – a company interested in artistic intervention and the artist or producer who is ready to work with the company.

Once these preparations are completed, the artistic intervention runs through four phases:

1.Anchoring: activities to ensure the organization’s involvement;

2.Research: the artist researches the organization and creates contacts with the co-workers to jointly formulate an action plan for the project;

3.Action plan implementation: the artist works with the co-workers in the organization to develop activities, events, or workshops to implement the action plan;

4.Follow-up: includes activities at which all participating artists and companies report their experiences and what they have learned.

5.Evaluation: to measure and understand the value of the intervention on participants, expected outcomes, and improvement of the method to better reach its goals.

Last modified: Friday, 12 May 2023, 11:43 AM