Artistic intervention a shift of perspective

The term artistic intervention can mean a search for new ways of expressing different fields of art to broaden their limits and scope.

- The concept of artistic interventions roughly represents processes in which people, products, and/or practices from the art world enter organizations with the aim to support or trigger development. Interventions come in many different shapes – Creative Clash’s focus is in artistic interventions where artists enter organizations and bring their artistic practices (and possibly products) into organizational development of any kind. (Grzelec and Prata, 2013)

- Art enters into a non-artistic context in an attempt to instigate change. (Lehikoinen, 2014)

Many projects of artistic intervention aim at influencing social processes, and creating change in politics, social issues, or the fields of healthcare and welfare.

Cooperation between arts and business is often quite complicated because there is a certain inherent misunderstanding programmed into the discussion. When entrepreneurs target profit and results or pre-defined goals, then creatives often see more value in the process itself, the journey. (Staines, 2010).

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