Task A2_02 Designing your SEA project: principles of practice

In this task you will start designing your own principles of practice.

  • Consider SEA principles of practice related to ethical, social, and pedagogical artistry and competency, particularly from the viewpoint of your current/future/possible SEA practice and its context/target/group/purpose. 
  • Create at least five central principles of practice in your own words for your own work. Think of them as key tenets of a manifesto that guide your personal SEA practice and approach. Your key tenets may respond to the following questions: 
    • How do you want to act? 
    • What are the core values that make up your ethical code? 
    • How will you apply your ethical code to your project?
  • Reflect on your own list of principles of practice. To do that, imagine yourself as a participant in their projects: What is most important and why? What would you change in/add to the list? What would be the ethical code for you as a participant in the project? 

Hint: Manifesto, in this context, is considered a written statement declaring your intentions, motives, and/or views.

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