Task A2_03 Artistic exploration of principles of practice

This task allows you to explore principles of practice with your own artistic medium and skills. 

  • Reflect on your own artistic core: what does it constitute? What skills and practices have you refined throughout your education and career?
    • Draw on what we discussed about the artistic core at the beginning of the Lecture A2: Social, ethical and pedagogical artistry
  • Use your artistic mediums and skills to explore one (or more) of the principles of practice you designed in Task A2_02 Designing your SEA project: principles of practice
  • Create and produce an artistic output (image, short video, sound recording, playscript, etc.) from your exploration
  • Reflect on your own output by focusing on the positive aspects: How does the principle come out to you in the artistic output? What did you experience when watching/reading the output? 

Hint: Keep it short and simple. Think of exploring the process and experimenting rather than producing an output. Focus on the process.

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