04: Exercises & Methods

Exercise 1: Fantasy Journey

Close your eyes and think of unusual visual experiences. (A picture, a situation on the street, in the theater, etc.) What was your first reaction? Now open your eyes and express your reaction with colors and shapes in a drawing. Are the reactions similar? Exchange in tandems: What do my reactions tell about myself?

Exercise 2: Derivé – Wander around

Walk around a neighborhood without an observation assignment. Just let the situation you encounter affect you. What stays in your mind? Capture it creatively. Via writing, drawing, sound, etc.

Exercise 3: Multiperspectivity

Form a tandem and tell of a conflict situation. The second person should consider what different interpretations the situation allows for.

Exercise 4: Theater pedagogy

A group is given an object.g. a bowl. The task: What can you do with the bowl? One person begins – they use an imaginary cooking spoon to stir in the bowl. The second person takes over and uses the bowl as a hat, etc., etc.

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