06: Motivation

  • What is my goal in working with the group?
  • What is my motivation?
  • How do I keep up my motivation?
  • What do I believe is the target group’s motivation for being part of the project? 
  • What happens with my motivation during the process?
  • What blocks and inhibits me?
  • What is my goal and my intention? 
  • What do I prioritize in the work? 
  • How can I coordinate the group's motivation and my own motivation? How do the two worlds meet? 
  • How can we create exchange and collaboration? 
  • What constitutes the quality of the work for me? 
  • Drawing the line of motivation – the ups and downs in the process. 
  • Where is the line between success and failure?  
  • What is valuable for us in the process? 
  • How do I deal with failure? 
  • How can I combine idealism and pragmatism? 
  • What is more important: the process or the result? Is the process the result? 

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