02: Relations – Me and the Target Group

  • What are my preconceived ideas and prejudices?
  • What do I need to know about the group? (backgrounds, needs, etc.)
  • How do I get in touch with the group / meet them / invite them? What is their starting point?
  • What are my ambitions and what are the group’s ambitions – where do we meet?
  • What elements establish our relationship?
  • How can I work in a supportive way?
  • Do I use a gender- and diversity-inclusive language – politically correct language?
  • How do I create a respectful environment? What aspects are important or me – and to the group?
  • What is the artistic background of the group and in what ways are they able to access what I offer?
  • Regarding the first encounter, is there anything in particular that I have to consider? Also when working with the group? Are there traumas, taboos, etc.? – e.g. when working with refugees? 
  • What is triggering or what could be triggering? 
  • What languages are spoken?
  • How is gender and diversity-inclusive language, that is, politically correct language used or introduced? 
  • Where are the resources of the group? 
  • What is my relationship to the target group?
  • What expectations and ideas do I bring to the group? 
  • What is the group's relationship to art – what are their preferences? What is their taste? 

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