Task A5_01 Reviewing resilience

In this task, you will familiarize yourself with a quantitative survey and attributes of resilience from the perspective of your own profession. In the lecture, we presented to you Linda Hoops's model of resilience, which is an example of how resilience can be considered. However, scales for measuring aspects related to wellbeing, such as resilience, have been developed over the years for many purposes and contexts. 

  • Read the Reading for Task A5_02: Brief Resilience Scale (2008).pdf and familiarize yourself with how the scale is constructed.
    • Used for collecting quantitative data
    • Score range from 1 (low resilience) to 5 (high resilience). 
    • Note that items 1, 3, and 5 are positively worded, and items 2, 4, and 6 are negatively worded. 
  • Measure your own resilience with the scale. The results are for your own use only. 
    • Answer the questions in the Brief Resilience Scale: add responses varying from 1-5 for all six items (giving a range from 6-30).
    • View your results by counting the numbers and dividing the total sum by the total number of questions answered.
    • BRS score Interpretation: 
      • 1.00-2.99 Low resilience
      • 3.00-4.30 Normal resilience
      • 4.31-5.00 High resilience
  • Familiarize yourself with at least on other scale used for measuring or reviewing resilience found on this weppage: https://positivepsychology.com/3-resilience-scales/#building-resilience-scales
  • Review abreast the Brief Resilience Scale you completed and the resilience measurement tool you chose from the webpage. Also consider the differences between collecting qualitative and quantitative data: how would they change your understanding of issues related to resilience? Hint: More about the differences between quantitative and qualitative data can be found here
  • Consider how the questions and content in the two scales relate to resilience in your profession/as a SEA practitioner? What aspects/questions/attributes would need to be considered further/added if you were to measure or review your own/SEA practitioners resilience? What kind of open-ended questions would you add and what kind of information would you want to explore through them and why?
  • Write down your considerations

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