Task A1_02 Analysing SEA practice - case Urbanauts

In this task you will analyse an example of a site-specific SEA project in order to deepen your understanding of the elementary features a SEA project can entail.

  • Watch the two videos of the case Urbanauts (see below).  
  • Write a short introduction (max 400 words) of the Urbanauts project including its' aim, purpose, functions, and contexts, as well as a brief description of the work methods, target group, form of participation, and other details that you may find valuable for understanding how the project was implemented. 
    • In addition to the video, use the slides and the lecture content in your reflection. 

The Urbanauts project by Malin Bellman and Sonne Andersson 

Video 1: (3 mins 10 sec) 


Video 2: (3 mins 16 sec)  


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